i luv my bitch

holy shit i love my bitch
even heart in every sitch
and when i’m a stupid bitch
she gives me a belly itch

holy fuck, holy shit
that was lunch when i was six
that’s why i felt fucking sick
cuz they poisoned every sip

john wasn’t innocent
he smashed his car when i was ten
alex didn’t fit
so he’s gonna drown again
try to take it out real quick
but only smashed a couple bricks
and when i can’t close my fist
that’s when i receive a kiss

first they stabbed my elliot smith
tell me he was sad and sick
raised on the tap and bit by a tick
now i’m a dud, now i’m a bitch
and then they tried to cast a string
from a spire to my wing
but the warmth and wealth she brings
i scorn to change my state with king

life warmth

the warmth of life
spilled in the gloom
in your best state
you stare at the moon

my only friend
my only friend
if she would come
this ache would shed

i could write
another chord
but i need
something more
pick it up
fingers cold
it's a piece
that i broke
my only friend
my only friend
if she would come
this ache would shed

fooled me once

fooled me once it was enough
i was stupid, slow
and i got fooled fucking bad
can't go back to what i know
holy harp, play it sad
never get back what i had

building out the cottage was a no go
so i spent another life
tried to practice what i wrote
i broke out, i got low
i flipped out and i smashed my phone

jeremy quit his job and he took the squad
and they cast their cards and keys to god
and they built a church, and they carved a panel out
it said fool me again, well then we shoot
shoot, shoot, i'm gonna shoot
we're gonna shoot, shoot, shoot
if you try that shit again
well then we fucking shoot
holy harp, play it sad
never get back what i had

our day is over

our day is over
and now we’re in a shadow
a gilded frame
a wire holding too much weight

she climbed up on her roof
cuz she had to see the moon
she slipped and fell
all that landed was an old world shell

you made the club feel like my room
you made my camry feel cool
lash the whip and left a scar
do i make you proud i try so hard

her day is over
and now she’s in a shadow
she wasn't done
but she gave enough

john maus shirt

holy shit it’s my life
and i don’t fuckin care
all my friends and my goals
i don’t fuckin care
all i want is tonight
and you're there
and a stick and poke
and a john maus snare

i’ve climbed an ancient tree
i framed a roman key
i played saint thomas church
not as a nice as ur john maus shirt

all this shit in my life
why the fuck is it there
when you're gone
it’s still nice
cuz i use
all the warmth
from ur voice
and the light
from ur eyes
and ur skirt
and ur thighs
and i write
something nice

ur boutta fuckin make me smile

i wasn't even singing yet
i wasn't even hanging yet
it wasn't a lie
but i still made u cry

i wasn't even tatted yet
i wasn't really at it yet
but u said u might
wanna spend another night

she said i'm dumb and weak
and that's when i get mean
but i know she’d never wanna be
with anyone but me

now my hands are lookin my dads
and ur hand knows its my hand
don't wanna try
but ur boutta fuckin make me smile

tiny chord

time is gone tonight
its only space
as aidan speaks to me
its only noise
but in my heart
a tiny chord
the best i had
keeps me warm

when i am standing in
an empty room
my hair on the ground
my music bloomed
and nothings left
for me to lose
i'll still have
the best of you

too hard

looking through the crack in the mirror
i know you hate it here
cry when i cut your hair
cry cuz i just stare

if i can't use my hands
i might not understand
i won't let em take you again
yeah i'm gonna keep my sam

now the hold is gone
but i hold you like a bee inside my palm
hold the light like a father does
and i'll fly inside the club like a dove

too hard a stone
it cracked and it broke
and i only had it
for a couple seconds
and if the dose
is trapped in us both
then at least we have it
for another second